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Welcome to The Better adapting OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE


EST: June 10th 2014 

 Founder: Arielle Ava


2014-2015: The Midwest was an idea during the mid period of reach after the golden age had passed. Originally, the Midwest was created along side ONI, North, South, East, West, and Central; under Project Blacklight the goal was to bring multiple ONI’s under one flag. In all these years, Midwest has stayed a small agency in the background.

2018–2021: During her tenure, rumors and misinformation were spread about Midwest instigating the fight to keep its name and integrity. In order to continue it’s founding beliefs that the UNSC and ONI Community should work together rather than against one another.

Arielle Ava,

  Some call our mission a fool’s dream. We see it as an opportunity to shape the community.

We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs, but so far everything thrown at us hasn’t kept us down in the 7 years Midwest has stood.

It started when I was 13 and now I’m 20. I’m proud of how long we have stood with special thanks to LT, and Solomon for their help. I would like to also give thanks to Sphinx, and Trin who gave me the opportunity to become a CINC under the random notion they needed more so I take it with pride.

We blew past whatever others thought of us. Members of the Midwest are loyal and committed to the name and clan. We are known for our determination to achieve our goal one step at a time. We are a group dedicated to strengthening this community by forging bonds and teaching those what it means to be a community.

INF-986 phoenix

The INF-986 Phoenix is part of the ONI Fleet Autumn’s Contingency. One of the few Infinity class super carriers. this ship houses the marine forces of the office who are ready for a fight.

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