Common - Raid Rules

#1 All map’s must have at least 1 to 2 entrances inside the base; No teleporter entrance’s.

#2 All maps must have at-least a armory, and no more than 1 spartan laser, or rocket. Power Weapons such as sniper’s, grenade launchers, shotguns are limited to 2 on the map & active.

#3 Attacking team Vehicle’s may not be used by the defending team for holding a area. They are to only be used as transportation by the defending team.

#4 Map’s may not have front nose gun falcon in the map, however Troop falcon, is allowed for transportation reasons.

#5 Gauss Hogs are forbidden on , the map for usage, along with usage of any modded weapon.

#6 Attacking team must have a fair, chance of taking the base and weapons to do so.

#7 Bridge bases must have ample cover if the attacking team is expected to cross a long bridge.

#8 Kill boxes are not allowed on maps as it is unfair, to the attacking team.

#9 Bases are limited to at least 1 to 2 choke points within the map. however these choke points must not have a teleporter, or overally unfair.

#10 Attacking team is not allowed to See into Spawn, or hold it for any reason, during a raid.

The Attacking clan is allowed to Scout the base 1 to 2hrs prior to the raid agreed upon. In such time, the attacking clan is allowed to send atleast 2 representatives to scout the base before hand.

Spawn rumbling is allowed so long as both people inside of Spawn are not, intentionally holding spawn and actively trying to escape the spawn area. Spawn rumbler’s are not allowed to intentionally turn around & close off spawn by holding the edge of spawn.

For a base to considered contested atleast 1 member of the attacking team must be within the base. For a team to be in control of the base all opposing team members must be, removed from the base, and base must be uncontested for 30 mins.

Each Clan will be given 3 strikes during the raid. If a member of one clan is to break a rule, then a strike will held against that clan. The leader of the clan who member is accused will be given a message with contents of what broke the rules in the first place via video clip.

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