Raid Rules


/5/16/22 24:28

  The following are the rules of a raid when challenging the Midwest office of naval intelligence. Both parties are held to the same standards on such occasions. Prior to the raid, the attacking party is allowed to scout the base before the raid, to make sure the base is fair and able to be entered.  If by chance, a member of one party Dc from the game, that party has time to replace that member. No filling the lobby. Both parties must have 8 members each.

-#1 Both parties prior to the raid must agree on the terms and conditions under which the raid is fought.

-#2 Network manipulation of any kind or cheating is tolerated from either side. 

-#3 The raid base must have at least 1 to 2 entrances with enough cover for the attacking team.

-#4 No more than 2 power weapons active at once, such as snipers, rockets, etc. “Double power weaponing is an instant forfeit.”

-#5 The base has to be held for more than 30 minutes to be claimed while not contested by either side.

-#6 Under timed raid, one team must hold the base without the enemy team contesting the base at the end of time. 

-#7 Vehicles at spawn may not be used by the defending team unless they are used to get out of spawn.

-#8 Intentionally sitting in spawn to kill the enemy is not allowed in any form. Doing so will result in a strike against the clan doing so. Sniping into spawn from the base is not allowed.

-#9 Gauss hogs are only allowed for use against air enemies, not ground units.

-#10 The attacking force will be given an assortment of weapons on spawn to use for a fair shot at taking the base.